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We provide a nurturing, engaging and educational place for children to learn and play during their holidays. Helping children to build on their strengths encourages greater motivation and increased self-esteem arising from their developing confidence in their own abilities.

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After School Clubs

Komplete Genius out of school programme for Kids is designed for children who love their quiet time as much as their active and group time. Our summer programme is led by experienced, fully qualified and DBS checked staff with over 15 years of teaching experience.

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School Holiday Camp

Our programme is designed for children aged 8-14 and takes place at Aboyne Lodge School, Etna Road, St. Albans, AL3 5NL and Osidge Primary School, Chase Side, Southgate, N14 5HD. Our programme of activities have been created by a number of talented children.

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Practical Workshops

Komplete Genius runs practical workshops and events that teach children valuable life/social skills, encourages and improves self esteem, confidence and skills in communication and covers Socio-Emotional Learning’ and ‘Emotional Intelligence’ SEL.

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School Clubs, Holiday Camps & Workshops

Authentic learning experiences to nurture your kids intelligence.
Visual learners

Arts and craft, film and photography.

Interpersonal learners

Group and team building activities.

Auditory learners

Musical, rhythm, poetry and sound.

Verbal learners

Writing, interviews and presentations.

  • Eddy
    A very well organised, planned and engaging session with the children. Daniel and Christopher enjoyed learning new tricks and games. Thanks.
  • Frances
    You have a unique way with the kids. I love your energy and quick wit.
  • Lisa
    Great team engagement. Looks like they had a great time.
  • Michelle
    I just wanted to say thank you for making learning super fun for the kids. You read their minds so quickly and were always a step ahead; they think you’re a mind reader and found you really fascinating. Thanks again!
  • Marna
    I thought your session with the kids today was excellent, you are always great at creating innovative ways to ensure inclusivity of children with learning difficulties in team activities.

For kids

Komplete Genius out of school programme for Kids is designed for children who love their quiet time as much as their active group time.

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Contact details

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Praewood Primary School,
King Harry Lane, St. Albans

Call us: +44 (0) 1 727 400 369
Email: info@kompletegenius.co.uk

Programmes from £40 per child