Holiday Activities – What to expect

Holiday Activities


Our interactive and educational coding workshops introduce/build children's knowledge in the world of game creation. If they are children have mastered the basics of making their own games using Scratch (the programming software that is now used as part of the national computing curriculum), we coach them to create their own projects from concept stage through to a finished game. This adds a new and exciting element to their learning veering away from simply following instructions. We encouraging children to use their imagination and work with their peers to complete their own finished computer game.

These engaging workshops develop curriculum learning objectives by giving users of Scratch the opportunity to advance their learning and create amazing projects they can share with friends and family.

The sessions are not just about writing code, they boost skills like literacy, numeracy, creativity, leadership, problem solving, teamwork, communication, perseverance and the ability to work together towards an end goal.


Beginners will learn the basics of drawing cartoons by hand as well as special effects, adding jokes, lettering, perspective and simple illustrative animation.

Intermediate to advance learners will focus on single theme and techniques working on expression, personality, activity, etc. We draw based on these projects, themes, developing and enhancing abilities and bridging any gaps identified during the lesson.

Lego Engioneering

Lego Engineering is a fun way to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, as well as providing an invaluable opportunity for children to get creative with their model building. LEGO engineering has the added benefit of developing children’s Science and Maths skills in a unique and engaging way.

At the sessions pupils will:

use Lego bricks to have fun doing scientific experiments, building models that investigate forces, motion, mechanical and structural principles of everyday machines and mechanisms.

cover real science practices, including gathering evidence, planning, investigations and problem solving, putting scientific discovery and learning programming, based upon the latest science and computing curriculum, enhancing pupils’ science and computing skills.

Music Technology

Introduction to music technology

Familiarization and knowledge with respect to our choice of Music Technology software.

Use of audio effects such as reverb and Equalisation

Produce a final mix on a USB or equivalent.

Film Making

We introduce and/or build on knowledge in these or any of the following areas:

Film genre, What's in the Picture, Finding the Cuts, Shot Types, Low Angle/High Angle, Film Openings, Film Structure, Script Writing, Roles on Set, Story Boarding, Light's Camera Action, Editing, Screening


We introduce and/or build on Children's knowledge in stop motion animated films, allowing their imaginations run wild

Team Building

Building Challenges: Complete Design – Structure meets all required specifications, Creativity – novel design/concept, Aesthetic – Artistic, looks great, good design

Rules: Challenges must be completed within time specified, All work must stop when time is called All mechanisms must work at the call of time