Learning Paths

Learning Paths

All our activities are designed to ensure children can follow their natural learning path as well as being given the confidence to try new ones. Of course most children are combination learners.

Our teacher trained, specialist staff will be on hand to help in choosing and facilitating suitable activities that the children are happy and comfortable engaging in, in order to provide authentic learning experiences and to nurture their multiple intelligence.

Visual learners

Arts and craft activities, film and photography. Some famous visual learners – Claude Monet, Milton Glaser, Alan Fletcher, and Steven Spielberg.

Interpersonal learners

Group and team building activities. Some famous interpersonal learners – Michael Parkinson to William Booth, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton.

Naturalist learners

Exploration and investigation of nature. Some famous naturalist – Charles Darwin, Steve Erwin and David Bellamy.

Verbal learners

Writing, interviews and presentations. Some famous verbal learners – William Shakespeare and Ben Elton.

Kinaesthetic learners

Hands-on and outdoor activities. Some famous kinaesthetic learners – Charlie Chaplin to Michael Owen, David Beckham and Michael Jordan.

Logical learners

Challenges and problem solving activities. Some famous logical learners – Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking and John Von Neumann.

Auditory learners

Musical, rhythm and sound. Some famous musical learners – Beethoven and Sir Paul McCartney.

Intrapersonal learners

Reflection and concept mapping activities. Famous intrapersonal – Socrates to Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln and Bill Gates.